The Integrated Healthcare Approach

An integrated health care system is a care model that greatly improves the quality of care received by its patients. At Meridian, our integrated healthcare approach is based on the collaboration and sharing of information between various healthcare providers, which ultimately improves the quality of care received, and makes patient care more efficient and cost effective!

What Is Integrated Healthcare?

Integrated healthcare is a system of care that brings together different types of healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality of care. It’s based on the idea of primary care doctors, nurses, specialists (like mental health) and other health services professionals working collaboratively. The integrated approach puts the patient’s well-being first by taking their physical health, behavioral health, mental health, and social needs into account.

Integrated health care is not a new concept – in fact, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs is the largest integrated care system in America, providing resources, like social services and primary care, to veterans across the nation.

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Meridian’s Integrated Health Care System

Meridian HealthCare is proudly accredited by the Joint Commission, one of the most well-respected names in healthcare. We believe that integrated care will soon become the benchmark for providers worldwide, and that’s why we work to achieve complete mind-body wellness for our patients.

Our experts work in collaboration with one another, making referrals as necessary to deliver the best possible care. For more information about our integrated primary care services, reach out to one of our locations today!

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How is Integrated Health Care Different?

The integrated healthcare method creates many advantages for patients. As described by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), integrated care blends the expertise of primary care, specialists, and mental health clinicians with feedback from patients and their caregivers.

Better Care Coordination

Care coordination streamlines services from a variety of providers. The various disciplines of medical care, including behavioral health specialists, primary care providers, and other members of a patient’s medical team (like chiropractors, therapists etc.) provide coordinated, customized treatment. By establishing interprofessional relationships, the doctors more effectively address your health issues and develop initiatives to anticipate future health conditions.

Health Care Convenience

An integrated healthcare system’s care providers make it easy for patients to keep an eye on all aspects of their health. Caregivers are in communication, and this type of approach gives patients improved access to health plan services and care information (even if the specialties being utilized aren’t located in the same health center building). This team-based approach makes it more convenient for patients to stay in good health and/or achieve better health outcomes.

Increased Cost Effectiveness

Health care delivery is most effective when medical professionals are working together. It’s also incredibly cost effective for both the patient and the doctor. Shared information means that there are fewer unneeded (or redundant) tests, which ultimately reduces insurance costs. Patients also save time and money with fewer trips to the doctor and fewer copays, which lessens the impact on daily life (i.e., requesting time off of work, finding a babysitter, etc.).

Quality Care With an Integrated Healthcare System

Meridian HealthCare’s integrated healthcare services ensure a high-quality delivery system of treatment for every patient. Our health professionals and team members across various disciplines work with you to address your health conditions and develop a care plan that includes your physical and mental health.

True wellness can only be achieved by treating the whole person. Be sure to visit our primary care page to learn more about our primary care team and the services they provide.