Meridian HealthCare Foundation.

Meridian HealthCare Foundation

Meridian HealthCare launched the Meridian HealthCare Foundation to better serve those in need and recognize other organizations dedicated to improving the Mahoning Valley.

Supporting the Meridian HealthCare Foundation

The Foundation provides support to community-based programs and services that enrich lives and accommodate the increasing demand for comprehensive, LOCAL care. 

“We are humbled by the national response to the launching of the Meridian HealthCare Foundation. The contributions to our mission are a testament to the pervasiveness of mental health and addiction issues that touch all our families, towns, states, and, indeed, country,” said Larry Moliterno, president and CEO at Meridian HealthCare. “The need for help is great, and Meridian, along with our partners, will always be there to answer that call.”

Artists and their creations from the inaugural DECA Art Auction in 2022.

Donations to Meridian HealthCare

The Meridian HealthCare Foundation supports services like mental health counseling, recovery programs, pain management, primary care, and gives assistance to those who can’t get it elsewhere. Donations to the Foundation help to champion organizations that provide these services, and in turn improve the community as a whole. Often, these services are not supported through normal means, which is the concern that lead to the creation of the Foundation. 

Meridian HealthCare Foundation sets itself apart by not only helping individuals but also their families. When a person receives a cancer diagnosis, is struggling with an addiction, or is suffering from depression, all of their loved ones are affected, too. And, unfortunately, family is often overlooked as part of an individual’s recovery or therapy process. The Foundation looks to change that. Sensory rooms in schools, emotional support for caregivers, support for families managing recovery, and reuniting loved ones are all realities with help of the Foundation.

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Meridian HealthCare is a non-profit holistic healthcare company based in Youngstown, OH (EIN 34-1138485). From medically assisted treatment and obstetrics for at-risk and addicted mothers to family and Veterans’ housing, Meridian HealthCare strives to serve our community across the continuum of care. In light of the opioid epidemic, the new challenges of COVID-19, and the Rust Belt’s economic challenges, our services – particularly recovery and related housing – have swelled to nearly 200 beds at 8 locations, serving 11,000 patients annually.