Share Your Moment of Hope

Hope is something that you can only get from another person — and our goal is to provide hope for anyone who needs it. When you’re at a low moment in your life, it’s easy to feel like things will never get better. At Meridian, we provide hope for people in those moments.

For our 50th anniversary, we are asking people like you to share the moment you felt hope during your recovery journey or how Meridian provided hope and healing to you or a loved one. All stories are reviewed by our team who will reach out if more information is needed!

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Therapist working with patient to improve mental health.

What Is Hope?

Whether you’re struggling with substance use disorder or are dealing with years of chronic pain, it can feel like there is no hope for relief. At Meridian, we believe in using our combination of services to provide the best possible care for our patients — and that starts with the hope that things can – and will – get better.

Share your story with us so we can celebrate our 50th anniversary — and get ready for 50 more years of hope.

Hope Found at Meridian

“I have been in the recovery program since 2014, and this place has truly saved my life. The structure is what makes Meridian succeed. I now work on this side of recovery, and I tell the people that having a structured plan like Meridian in their treatment will seem strict at first, but you will see results if you follow the program correctly and know you have a staff that is in your corner. Thank you for being a part of my life.”

“Meridian is a great place! I’ve been to many treatment facilities in the past, and this is the only one that truly listened to my concerns. Everything went really fast and smoothly. You know you’re truly cared for at Meridian. They give you all the tools you need for your recovery, and it’s up to you to use them. It teaches you accountability and helps you appreciate recovery more. If you’re debating on going to Meridian, just go! You’ll be happy you did! Thank you, Meridian! You all are awesome!”

After my last Iraq deployment, I came home and self-medicated. As did my brother. Soon after, he committed suicide. Knowing that’s where my life was headed, I decided to get help. Thanks to Meridian, I’ve managed to stay clean, and life is much better.”

“If you want help and are serious and tired of the way you are living, go to Meridian! Just remember that you can do it and never give up. I was so afraid and felt hopeless, but with Meridian, I was able to turn my life around.”

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