Chiropractic Care and Athletes: Stay in the Game

An athlete’s body is under constant strain from practice and competition, not to mention the risk of injury that is ever-present in the world of athletics. Find relief from low back pain, stiff neck or recent injury with chiropractic care from Meridian.

Sports Injury Prevention

Many professional athletes (NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.) receive regular chiropractic adjustments to maintain optimal performance, but chiropractic care isn’t limited to big sports stars. Young athletes can utilize a chiropractic treatment plan!

There are many benefits of chiropractic care; it corrects misalignments in the body’s structures, it maintains pain-free mobility, and it keeps the athlete playing at peak performance. Plus, chiropractic treatment methods like spinal manipulation can relieve neck pain and back pain while also increasing flexibility.

Misalignment of the spine often negatively affects range of motion, as does pain and stiffness. Whether you’re a pitcher or a golfer, limited movement can lead to further injury. But, when an athlete’s body is balanced, there is less risk of injury because joints aren’t under additional strain.

Athlete receiving chiropractic treatment.

Drug-Free Pain Relief for Athletes

Sports injuries involving the musculoskeletal system are almost inevitable for the majority of athletes, especially ones who compete in high-impact or contact sports. Unfortunately, using pain medications as a treatment option for athletic injuries can lead to dependence in order to stay pain-free

Chiropractic care, on the other hand, seeks to naturally restore the body’s ability to move and operate.   

Sports Chiropractic: Faster Recovery Time From Injuries

Did you know that regular chiropractic care can speed up recovery time from injuries? When the body’s spine and joints are aligned properly, there is less stress on the circulatory and nervous systems. This results in better blood flow, which encourages faster delivery of oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues, thus promoting healing.

An experienced chiropractor will tailor your treatment plan to address specific injuries (lower back, neck pain, limited range of motion, etc.) through his or her initial evaluation. They take into account your condition, the sport and your goals for recovery.

Maintain High Athletic Performance With Regular Chiropractic Treatments

Regular visits to a chiropractor can reduce pain, decrease recovery time from sports-related injuries (like sprains and strained ligaments), and even improve sports performance.  

Meridian HealthCare’s licensed chiropractors help athletes at every level stay healthy and competitive – your wellness is our top priority!  

To make an appointment for Meridian’s chiropractic medicine focused on athlete recovery, call 330-797-0074 and ask for our chiropractic or acupuncture services.